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OfficeSwitch is a cost-effective application suite conceived to improve the overall productivity of the contact centre. Since OfficeSwitch was engineered to integrate easily with enterprise front office and back-office systems, OfficeSwitch delivers significant cost benefits, revenue benefits, and intangible benefits with a limited upfront investment. OfficeSwitch not only allows users to achieve return on investment in a limited time frame, but also provides a successful solution to their customer interaction and organizational efficiency strategies.

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The call center industry is changing fast. With new regulations and increasing competition, call center managers need assurances that their primary asset, namely their customer-agent interactions, are working optimally. Giving clients and supervisors the ability to live monitor conversations from any broadband connection, managing agent commissions schedules and workforce schedules, monitoring goals-based agent performance and call activity with performance metrics – they're all must-have features to gain 100% visibility into a call center's activity, even in those centers with as few as 4 agents.

Now, OfficeSwitch allows call center managers to have all of these features and more, on the fly, On-Demand. With flexible pricing, set-up ease, and usability that makes enjoying feature rich call center monitoring & reporting as easy as signing up for electricity. 


Customers :


OfficeSwitch solutions are for companies that view effective management of customer relationships as a critical factor in the success of their business. The ability to manage and leverage valuable customer information from across all the touch points of the organisation, enables companies to increase customer revenues and reduce service costs, while simultaneously providing world class customer satisfaction. More than 600 customer sites around the world today use OfficeSwitch products. Collectively OfficeSwitch has over 65.000 seats in 50 countries, with each implementation having a range of between 500 and 5000 users.

OfficeSwitch has customers on all industries with a special strength in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Services, the early adopters of Contact Centres. It has a strong customer base in EMEA and Latin America, with an emerging presence in North America and Asia Pac. Customers include Dun & Bradstreet; TeleTech; Unibanco; Telesp Celular; Banco Itaú; Telemar; Vodafone; Teleperformance; Sitel; Banco Santander, Credit Agricole, Credit Mutuel; SN Brussels Airlines; Renfe; Telefónica; Amena; BRE Bank; Saudi British Bank; John Harland Company, Mission Federal Credit Union, Portugal Telecom, Royal Bank of Canada, among others. 


Product & Features


A full blended Customer Interaction Management offering including, from a very strong telephony solution (our original focus), a unique interaction control language and development environment, a strong outbound & predictive dialling solution, e-mail servicing, web-collaboration and chat, all on top of a consolidated view of the customer and supporting a massive campaign & responses environment. Customer interactions are routed using the same business rules, regardless of the channel chosen by the customer. We offer a modular but tightly integrated solution, where all modules were designed from inception to work together but can also be deployed as stand-alone. We provide both thin and rich client architectures. 
OfficeSwitch uCI unique selling propositions are:

  • Industry Only Interaction Language and Integrated Development environment
  • Rapid Application Deployment of easily customer tailored CIM applications
  • Broadest independent coverage of platforms, with 20 PBXs, 5 RDBMS, 3 OS
  • Fastest re-tooling of contact centre campaigns makes it the Outsourcers #1 tool
  • Proven Dynamic ROI program with fast returns

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